Catalyst Talks
Catalyst Talks
Dec 21, 2021
Peak Wellness: Inventory or Bypass with Stephanie Trager
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This Episode offers a reflective exercise potent for Solstice, endings and new beginnings. 

Stephanie explores a process for tackling our own peak wellness, upleveling and avoiding a bypass. She dives into the first step in her process, INVENTORY, what it means, how to do it, why to do it and what if we don't do it.

She shares a personal example of how her life was recently impacted, what inventory looked like including taking ENERGETIC RESPONSIBILITY and how to contribute to the collective wellness on our planet right now from the inside out.

About Stephanie Trager

I’m Stephanie, host of this podcast, an Earthkeeper, a catalyst to catalysts, business alchemist and evolutionary coach. I’m a speaker, impact strategist, and attorney with a massive love for trees. Since a young age I’ve been aware of the multi-dimensional realities co-existing in time which meant psychic intuitive gifts were present along with challenges of knowing a world no-one around me could explain. There was a time when my linear world of NYC cut throat law and corporate decision making cut me off from myself- the healer, see’er, feeler, and passionate wisdom seeker.

In seeking my truth and to understand my gifts, I immersed in decades of off the beaten path experiences… living and studying with indigenous communities, living off the grid, learning from wild experiences like being chased up close by a mother bear, being face to face with mountain lions- alone in the woods, working on the front lines of environmental justice, standing with a shotgun to my face, running from an angry logger (who killed my friend) with a chainsaw up a steep mountain slope…

Twenty years a martial artist deep diving in danger zones in Brazil, being healed of a severe brain injury by a Shuar Shaman in the Ecuadorian Amazon, co-founding a corporate responsibility law firm in the 1990’s, coaching superstar change agents for 15+ years in everything from peak wellness, higher purpose, leadership and sustainability (before it was a thing), to business and negotiations, plus holding space as a healer in the domain of the Soul…

This journey has shown me one common thing, the key to understanding who we truly are is connecting with nature. We are nature.

I’m here to connect people to who they really are so they can do what they’re really here to do.

I work with individuals and organizations in bespoke coaching programs, shamanic energy medicine sessions, evolutionary impact and business strategy, program development, consulting, keynote speaking, workshops, and in retreats and expeditions and am constantly creating juicy content and modalities to help my clients transform at the deepest core level and to navigate and transcend these intense times so they can align and thrive from the inside and out.

I’ve spent years working in impact investing, environmental justice & human rights advocacy, had a former career in corporate litigation. Human evolution, business, human rights and environmental respect are my passions.

I believe we can create a thriving economy based on reciprocity, social and environmental justice. It begins with our remembering who we really are.

Connect with Stephanie and learn more about private transformational experiences, coaching and energy medicine, The Inner Work of Impact, The EVOLVE Mastery Circle, and sign up for updates on upcoming events, retreats and podcast episodes at




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