From Food Stamps to Needing New Tax Strategies
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“The rise in women philanthropy is now,” says Jarrett Ransom, CEO and Founder of the Rayvan Group. As a self-proclaimed Non-profit Nerd, Jarrett is a powerhouse strategist for major non-profit organizations. But her story wasn’t always so rosy. Jarrett’s giving spirit comes, in part, from the fact that once was a single mom in need of financial support. 

In 2009, Jarrett worked for a major non-profit with a $21 million operating budget. But the financial crisis hit hard - she had to lay off her entire team, and then she got laid off six months later. Soon after she found out she was pregnant. Jarrett launched her own business to support her new family, but she was struggling. She had to go on food stamps and government support. Then one day, in the grocery store, her mindset shifted. She decided she wouldn’t be a victim of her fate. She would survive this. 

Since then, Jarrett has worked hard with many coaches, including Vannessa, to change her money story, and help her business thrive. Now, as her business continues to grow, she loves nothing more than seeing women in philanthropy put their money, time, and talents into organizations they love. 



  • “Our childhood plays a really big role in our stories.”
  • “I found myself, about ten years ago now, really at rock bottom with finances, with confidence, with clarity, with self-esteem, you name it. I was just not at the top of my game. I did find myself on food stamps and every other government support that exists.” (6:27-6:48) 



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