S3 Ep 6!: A Few More Crafter Questions Answered!! :)
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S3 Ep 6!: A Few More Crafter Questions Answered!! :) I am forever grateful to all of you for helping build this fun community full of passion for paper! :) Come on along with me and I will put the tea on! :) Sincerely, Pam at The Paper Outpost :) !

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Do The Thing, with Whole30's Melissa Urban
Do The Thing, with Whole30's Melissa Urban
Melissa Urban
Hypothangry | Dr. Vickie Bhatia
Hypothangry: Imagining a hypothetical confrontation, then playing out the fight you’d hypothetically have with that person inside your own brain. Fantasy fights are often conducted with loved ones or friends, but can occur with total strangers. (See: “hypothetically angry,” the cousin-once-removed of “rehearsing disaster.”) Today, licensed clinical psychologist and Whole30 Certified Coach Dr. Vickie Bhatia comes back to the podcast to unpack why we create hypothetical situations in our head and then get mad about them in real life. We’ll discuss how relationships, trauma, uncertainty, and judgment factor in; where anger really comes from and whether anger is helpful or harmful; the two most common triggers for hypothangry scenarios; and a plan for identifying, interrupting, and moving on gracefully from this behavior.  Continue the conversation with me @melissau on Instagram. If you have a question for Dear Melissa or a topic idea for the show, leave me a voicemail at (321) 209-1480. Do the Thing is part of The Onward Project, a family of podcasts brought together by Gretchen Rubin—all about how to make your life better. Check out the other Onward Project podcasts—Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Side Hustle School, Happier in Hollywood, and Everything Happens with Kate Bowler . If you liked this episode, please subscribe, leave a 5-star review, and tell your friends to Do the Thing! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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How to Decorate
How to Decorate
Ballard Designs
Ep. 185: Britt & Damian Zunino
Our guests today are a husband-and-wife team, Britt and Damian Zunino, of the Manhattan based architecture and interiors firm Studio DB. Their work has been featured in Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, ELLE Decor, and many others. We talk about their love of creative spaces, how New York has influenced their style, and how they aim to create a space that is beautiful but also livable, their collaboration process, and more. Their work exudes a swankiness that we really love, so be sure to check out their portfolio! What You’ll Hear on This Episode: How Britt would describe their style. Discussing the curvilinear elements, features, materials, color palette and other customization they chose for The Symon project. More about Britt and Damian’s unique country home outside of the city. Britt’s tips for making bold choices start with choosing a color palette. Designing around the unique pipes in the TriBeCa Franklin Street Loft. How to design when you have very high ceilings. Why you should invest more in lighting, especially with kids at home. What is Britt and Damian’s collaboration process? Where does the color palette in their projects come from? How they design custom cabinetry with creative detailing. Tips & Tricks for designing kid’s rooms and small spaces. Decorating Dilemma Hi Malorie, We love the idea of bringing in the pink, but with the color palette that you have we need to bring something to tie it in. The first option would be to incorporate a fun wallpaper on the ceiling that had some of these colors to bring it all together. Maybe something in pink with a micropattern. We thought maybe it would be nice to add two more swivel chairs that had a pretty back so you can see that right when you walk in but also be able to turn them around to watch television. We have even done something where we have upholstered the back of the chair in a different fabric that is a little more playful and the seat is more durable. Rather than having all of the furniture on the outside of the room, the swivel chairs will help pull it in and engage that space. Another option if you didn’t want to go the wallpaper route is to paint the ceiling a little bit of a softer green than what’s on the walls so it feels like a more uniform envelope of color. We love the idea of a stripe on the rug. Also, something in a pretty neutral, like a seagrass rug, would be nice. Then you could even layer on top of it with a more colorful or patterned rug to anchor the seating space. That one can be much smaller and cozier, and the bottom rug would stretch more towards the walls. To touch on the blue chair, the shape is really interesting but since you have so many lighter colors in the room you could reupholster this one to fit better with the room. It would be nice to even add a little footstool or side table. We also want to say that you’ve done a really good job! We love the custom sofa, the sofa table, the lamps, the sconces, the bench seat. It’s a great space and you’re really onto something that you just need something to tie it together. Good luck and send us the after photos! Mentioned in This Episode: Studio DB Studio DB on Instagram The Symon
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The Big Wedding Planning Podcast
The Big Wedding Planning Podcast
Michelle Martinez & Christy Matthews
#238 You Ask, We Answer - 39
On the last Wednesday of every month, we answer wedding planning questions from our listeners. This month, you will hear voicemails of two listeners and 2 emails. From Groomsmen that have been at battle for 12 years to a poem a listener is offering gifting you to use to tell all of your friends that although you've chosen not to have a wedding party, they are still very important to you and included in the wedding. Listen and learn peeps! A very special thank you to all of our new and existing Patreon members. We could not do this podcast without your support. We appreciate you all!! The Big Wedding Planning Master Class is coming next month! Please sign up if you are interested in this digital course that teaches you how to plan your wedding, using our decades of experience. We're not just showing you the fun, designy-type stuff. We are giving you ALL of our tools complete with tutorial videos on how to do it all! Click here (https://www.thebigweddingplanningpodcast.com/home-masterclass) to get more info and special offers. A voicemail from a listener who did not leave her name, but left a very special gift This listener just has too many friends to choose a wedding party/bridesmaids. She wants all 16 friends and 3 sisters to be Included in a special way. She sent everybody a poem she wrote for them expressing the situation and how important they all are to her. She invited them all to Officially be part of "my I do crew” and sent a checklist / sign up sheet of options of things they can do to participate in the planning and wedding day. This very generous listener wanted to share this with all other listeners, and says to please feel free to use her idea and poem for free! Thank you and please write to us to le us know who you are! Email Question #1: Guest Book Ideas! I have so many questions for you so I am sure this is not the only email that you will be getting from me, but I have a question about my guestbook. I just listened to your quick focus back in 2017 about the guestbook, but I need your opinion. We have an idea of ordering a vinyl record of the song that we dance our first dance to. We thought it would be cool to have our guests sign the record and have it framed and up in our future home. With that being said, i’m sure we won’t be able to read every person’s signature. Do we need a formal guest book as well as the vinyl record? We will have our guests addresses if we need them (from the invites) and we will know who ends up attending the wedding, right? Answer to question #1: I LOVE the record idea! It's an awesome way to incorporate your wedding into a design element in your home that truly means something you to. Well done. I do think you should do both. Personally, at my wedding, I got a really nice hardcover book with blank large pages in it and had it out at my wedding and now, when I go through it every few years, I sometimes tear up reading things from family that has since passed away. I only wish I would have put some sort of signage that said something to the effect of "write whatever is in your heart" because some people only signed their name. An example, my grandmother who was such a HUGE influence in my life as a child. I would have loved to have seen what she would have written to me on my wedding day (The good thing is I've saved a lot of the greeting cards she's written to me over the years). So, yes do the record FOR SURE, but also have a simple book with blank pages and lots of pens and some sort of signage so they know they can take their time and write something special. Also, have that book out during cocktail reception as well as wherever dancing will take place so there are several hours of opportunity for your guests to write in it. Oh, and yes, you will have everyone's addresses already in your guest list spreadsheet, so don't worry about getting addresses. Voicemail Question #2: My fiance does'nt know how to handle his 2 Best Men who have been in a 12 year fight. The wedding is in October 2021. He only asked 1 of his 2 friends so far, because they’ve had a rift for the past 12 years. He wants both of them to be part of his wedding. She wants to say something and jump in, but her fiancé wants to handle it on his own, but hasn't done it yet. What should she do? Answer to question #2: It’s hard to know the depth of this situation. But it sounds like your fiancé does not want you to get involved, as much as we wish he would let you. How well do you know these men? If not well, it might actually be nice to have you step in as a moderator, or a third party that maybe doesn’t have any real connection to the emotional part of this. This could the impetus to healing friendships. Like with parents, it might be important to say hey we’re adults this is important to your fiancé, can you show up to this day in a good way? Consider all the elements. Be careful. And really consider your fiancé’s ultimate wishes. Email Question #3: Should we have a mock, 2nd ceremony? My fiancé and I are planning our July 2021 wedding. Our ceremony will be held at a chapel and our reception will be held at an "alumni center". Both are through a local university. We have a slight problem....Our reception is allowing 50 guests, but the chapel is only allowing 40 people total inside, which includes our vendors and 2 of their staff members. We are looking at only being able to invite 32-34 people to the ceremony. We are not willing to move our ceremony since the chapel was the reason why we are having the wedding in the city that we are. We would really love to do a quick second ceremony (10 min tops) for everyone, so those who didn't get to go to our actual ceremony feel included in the day. It would be after cocktail hour and before dinner. We just aren't sure what we should say or do for our second ceremony. We will be walking in together to signify our new marriage. No family or wedding party will be walking in. Do we do traditional vows and exchange rings again? or do something completely different? We just don't know where to start. My brother-in-law will be the "officiant/speaker" for this second ceremony. Maybe we just need a bottle of wine to spark some creativity, lol, but we are both feeling stuck. Answer to question #3: Many of my clients have purposely had a smaller guest count for their ceremony and a larger guest count for the reception. I know this is not what you had originally planned, but it's not an unordinary situation. Having a quickie 2nd ceremony is doable, but I wonder if it's really necessary? I know your intention behind it is not to let anyone feel left out, and that is very thoughtful of you, but what if you just asked your immediate family and wedding party to be at the ceremony and then everyone else to be at the reception without doing the 2nd ceremony? What you could do is ask your videographer, or photographer if they are able to get some images for you from the ceremony to show in a slide show at the reception? It's something you will likely need to pay additional for, but it might be worth it. If you do decide to have the 2nd ceremony, I like the idea of the two of you walking in together and sort of renewing those vows. Perhaps you each write something special just for the 2nd ceremony, and that way it's personalized and a bit of a surprise to each other. Maybe include your guests in the 2nd ceremony by having your BIL asking the guests if they will support this marriage, be there for the two of you when you need them, etc... Maybe your BIL actually begins the 2nd ceremony by saying "we have gathered here today to celebrate this brand new marriage..." The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is... * Hosted and produced by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez. * Edited by Veronica Gruba. * Music by Steph Altman of Mophonics. * On Instagram @thebigweddingplanningpodcast and be sure to use #planthatwedding when posting, so you can get our attention! * Inviting you to become part of our Facebo…
50 min
Raising Wildlings
Raising Wildlings
Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell
Babies Need Nature Too!
In this episode, we are talking about why taking babies out into nature is not only the ultimate sensory experience, but how it will also help to develop their confidence and understanding of the natural world. Babies are natural investigators. You only have to spend a short amount of time with them to see that they are curious little scientists, experimenting with everything they can get their hands on to make sense of the world, and being a parent of a baby is like seeing the world again with brand new eyes. We receive many enquiries asking when is the right age to start taking our children out into nature, and our response is the same every time. Children are never too small to experience the benefits of being out in nature. Let’s look at why!  *👉  Vicci and Nicki discuss:* * The amazing, mind-blowing science and deeper meaning of why we need to make nature time a priority for babies * Nature as the ultimate sensory experience * The importance of a baby carrier * Ideas of what taking your baby out in nature can look like * Risk assessing for babies outdoors *👉  Opt In* https://www.wildlingsforestschool.com/free-downloadables *👉  Resources & References* *https://zarparbebe.com.au/* *#wildlingsbabies* *👉 Guest Details* Vicci Oliver and Nicki Farrell are adventurous nature play makers, risk-takers, children’s rights advocates and the co-founders of Wildlings Forest School. We are the hosts of the ‘Raising Wildlings’ podcast and we put the dirt back in childhood. During any Wildlings Forest School program, you are likely to find Wildlings up trees, sliding down mud slides, whittling with pocket knives, lighting fires and building rafts. We let kids, be kids - because children can’t learn to protect nature if they’ve never had a childhood in it. *Wildlings Forest School Contact Details* Website Facebook Instagram Youtube  Pinterest Linked In *👉 Did You Enjoy This Episode? * If you enjoyed this episode and the Raising Wildlings podcast generally, we have a favour. Please take two minutes to subscribe, and to write a rating and a review. You can do that on Apple Podcasts right now by clicking here. If you are an Android user, you can follow the podcast on Spotify here and Google Podcasts here. Those actions will help the podcast reach more people, and we would be truly grateful. Thank you so much. *Apple Podcasts**  **Spotify **Google Podcasts*
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