Ep. 73: So Bernie Sanders DOES Call People On Their Birthday! (feat. Bernie Sanders)
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On Michael Moore's birthday, he reflects on birthday under quarantine, shares some updates and receives a phone call from an old friend.

Senator Bernie Sanders calls in to have an honest discussion about the successes and failures of his Presidential campaign - what happened after the amazing victory in Nevada? How did the party coalesce so quickly against Bernie after he became the frontrunner? And what do we do now? Plus, Michael and Bernie discuss what America can learn from dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and how we are winning the war of ideas.


The movies/clips Senator Sanders referred to:

FDR's 2nd Bill of rights video, first discovered during the making of "Capitalism: A Love Story":


Watch Michael's Oscar-nominated 2007 film "SiCKO" here:





Michael on Colbert: How Do We Want To Live After This Pandemic?


Michael on Colbert: Singing a verse from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Why Shouldn’t We”


Mary Chapin Carpenter's Version of 'Why Shouldn't We"



Watch the full film "Planet of the Humans" here:


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The Mother Jones Podcast
The Mother Jones Podcast
Mother Jones
The Post-Trump Era Is Here: Inside Joe Biden's Historic Inauguration
Today, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. Two weeks after an armed mob stormed the Capitol, the new president painted a picture of hope and collective effort in his inaugural address. His message sharply contrasted with former president Donald Trump’s dystopian “American carnage” speech from four years ago. “This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge,” Biden said in his address. “And unity is the path forward.” DC Bureau Chief David Corn and Senior Reporter Tim Murphy joined Jamilah King for live coverage and analysis of the event. David Corn was at the Capitol, where he witnessed a very different inauguration from ones he had attended in the past. There were no large crowds, but ubiquitous face masks, heavy security, members of Congress wearing body armor, even in the midst of the traditional pomp and circumstance. The US Marine Band played their trumpets and drums, the Capitol was bedecked in huge American flags, and the Clintons, the Bushes, and the Obamas were all in attendance. President Biden said he spoke with former president Jimmy Carter, who was unable to attend. The inauguration is usually a passing of the torch, but since Trump boycotted the inauguration in a final venal, norm- busting gesture, the event had the quality of the nation turning the page and ushering in a new era. "We were literally standing where blood had been spilled, where violence had occurred just two weeks ago," says Corn on the show. "Yet democracy prevailed, she persisted as Elizabeth Warren might say, and we were here carrying out this grand tradition which has gone on for over 200 years." Jamilah asked Tim Murphy about the historical context, including Trump’s early escape from the city and non-attendance. “He’s a deeply petty person,” says Murphy, but still there is some precedent. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president has to attend the inauguration, and historically that hasn’t always been the case. John Adams didn’t attend Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration. And that’s the election that brought us the peaceful transfer of power that Trump brought to an end by inciting a riot on the Capitol.”
23 min
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt
70: Inauguration Day w/ Leon Panetta & Walter Dellinger
In spite of the mayhem at the Capitol, the inauguration of Joe Biden and the transfer of power went smoothly, and James and Al are beginning to feel some optimism about the next four years...if the Democrats don’t screw it up!  Leon Panetta (https://www.panettainstitute.org/about-us/institute-people/leon-panetta/) joins them to look at the domestic and international prospects for the new administration.  Then, Duke Law School’s legal mastermind Walter Dellinger (https://twitter.com/walterdellinger) comes on to look at the legal future for the Trump family and how the actions of the administration can be refuted and undone.   Get More From This Week’s Panelists: Leon Panetta Center For Strategic & International Studies (https://www.csis.org/people/leon-panetta) The Panetta Institute For Public Policy (https://www.panettainstitute.org/about-us/institute-people/leon-panetta/) Author of Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in Times of War and Peace   (https://www.amazon.com/Worthy-Fights-Memoir-Leadership-Peace/dp/0143127802) Walter Dellinger Twitter (https://twitter.com/walterdellinger) Firm: O’Melveny & Myers (https://www.omm.com/professionals/walter-e-dellinger/) Duke Law (https://law.duke.edu/fac/dellinger/) Email your questions to James and Al at  POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM (mailto:POLITICSWARROOM@GMAIL.COM)   or tweet them to @POLITICON (http://www.twitter.com/@politicon) .  Make sure to include your city, we love to hear where you’re from! THIS WEEK’S SPONSORS: FUNDRISE  SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW ONE HUNDRED THIRTY THOUSAND INVESTORS HAVE BUILT A BETTER PORTFOLIO WITH PRIVATE REAL ESTATE. IT TAKES JUST A FEW MINUTES TO GET STARTED.  GO TO WWW.FUNDRISE.COM/WARROOM (http://www.fundrise.com/wARROOm) TODAY.  BLINKIST  GO TO WWW.BLINKIST.COM/WARROOM (http://www.blinkist.com/WARROOM) , THAT’S ALL ONE WORD, TO TRY IT FREE FOR 7 DAYS AND SAVE 25% OFF YOUR NEW SUBSCRIPTION.  WORD FOREST WORD FOREST IS OFFERING YOU 2500 COINS AND 500 GEMS WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD AND PLAY.  GO TO THE APPLE OR GOOGLE STORE AND SEARCH FOR WORD FOREST TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE TODAY. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.word.forest.android&hl=en_US&gl=US)
1 hr 40 min
The Daily Beans
The Daily Beans
NRA Misfire (feat. Adam Klasfeld)
Today: Mike Flynn’s brother was in the room when the call for backup came in during the insurrection; Pelosi says there’s no question that some members of Congress gave aid and comfort to those peddling the big lie; Micheal Ellis is put on administrative leave pending an investigation into his appointment as NSA General Counsel; Kevin McCarthy changes his mind on Trump inciting the insurrection; the Secretary of the Army has resigned; a judge has denied the NRA’s motion to dismiss the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against them; McConnell says he wants to delay impeachment until February; Riley Williams faces additional charges for stealing Pelosi’s laptop; plus AG hits the Hot Notes and delivers your Good News and some judgments with Aimee Carrero (@aimeecarrero). Follow our guest on Twitter: Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) Senior Investigative Reporter & Editor, @LawCrimeNews Have some good news, a confession, a correction, or a case for Beans Court? https://bit.ly/2ShareGN Want to support the show and get it ad-free and early? https://dailybeans.supercast.tech/ Or https://patreon.com/muellershewrote Promo Codes Right now, when you purchase a 3-month Babbel subscription, you’ll get an additional 3 months for FREE when you use promo code DAILYBEANS. babbel.com Helix is offering up to $200 off ALL mattress orders for our listeners. Use this link http://helixsleep.com/DAILYBEANS  Magic Spoon - a cereal that tastes so delicious you won’t believe it’s made without all the sugar, carbs, or guilt. magicspoon.com/dailybeans use the code DAILYBEANS for free shipping. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
57 min
The David Pakman Show
The David Pakman Show
David Pakman
1/22/21: The Future of Impeachment in the Biden Era
--On the Show: --Republican support for convicting Donald Trump in the eventual Senate impeachment trial grows --Former Fox News host Shepard Smith slams Fox News during an interview with Christiane Amanpour --Caller asks if Joe Biden is naïve to think Republicans will work with him --Caller talks about stopping disinformation online --Caller asks if Joe Biden will be able to get COVID relief done --Caller talks about holding Joe Biden accountable --Caller asks about what Joe Biden will be able to do as president --Caller compares a Biden presidency to a Bernie presidency --Caller asks if Republicans will destroy Democrats in the 2022 midterms --Caller wonders if there will be another Patriot Act passed after the Trump riots --Caller asks about wait times in a Medicare for All system --Audience Question: Did Trump actually change the country? --Audience Question: What are the best arguments against democracy? --Audience Question: Who is responsible for the destruction of the Republican Party? --On the Bonus Show: The Friday Bonus Show featuring Producer Pat 🚿 Save 15% on Nebia products by using code PAKMANPOD at https://nebia.com/pakmanpod ⭐ Download Trivia Star in the Apple or Google app store! 👍 Use code DAVID to save 20% on facemasks (and other gear) at https://davidpakman.com/mask 👕 Get 15% off Teddy Stratford shirts by using code PAKMAN at https://davidpakman.com/teddy ☕ Get up to 40% off + free shipping on Four Sigmatic coffee at https://foursigmatic.com/pakman 👍 Save 20% on LUCY nicotine gum by using code PAKMAN at https://lucy.co --Become a Supporter: http://www.davidpakman.com/membership --Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidpakmanshow --Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thedavidpakmanshow --Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow --Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line (219)-2DAVIDP
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