Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee
One on One with Vanessa
Jun 17, 2020 · 30 min
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World-renowned entertainer reveals biggest secrets. Sounds insane right? Are you grabbed? Are you entertained? The business can catch you, SNAP, just like that. However, are you ready for truth that will make you uncomfortable, ugly things that grow under scales? In episodes 2 it’s pulling back the curtain to expose the truly great and powerful Vanessa, for today you will see her strongest side. She wants to cover her truest truth, told through tears and self-liberation because that is strength. From the beginning, MTV VJ days, to what a modern star has to cover in order to last, Vanessa walks you through it all to now and doesn't sugar coast a single moment. There is the promise of this being a happy ending thanks to difficult honesty, self-work, and earth angel @rotimi. Truth be delivered today on Deep Dive.

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