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Nov 20, 2022
Matt McMullen - Age of the Companion Robot
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The Bits & Bytes Series - Matt McMullen

Hosted by Sia Sha

Matt is the CEO of Realbotix, a technology firm based in Las Vegas, the aim of which is to integrate robotic components and AI into high end silicone dolls. 🤖 Specifically, Realbotix has created Harmony, a companion robot that has been featured on Vice News, the New York Times, and Forbes. Realbotix has recently raised $3m. 🤑🚀

Make a new friend! 👯


2:44 Have we made ourselves lonely?

4:02 Cave syndrome: we actually like isolating ourselves

7:55 What do people talk about with a robot?

12:09 Replicating consciousness in AI

15:00 In the eyes of AI, are humans viruses? Parasites to the Earth?

17:10 Robots do it better!

21:05 Robot vs. human therapy

22:30 Do people treat robots worse than humans?

26:30 Improving social skills by talking to dolls

29:20 Matt’s takeaways through the years

31:40 Why put bad human traits in robots? Why jealousy?

33:55 Trekking through the VC industry

38:04 Why crowdfunding didn’t work for Realbotix

40:20 The future of robot companions

Thank you Jessica Ge for editing this episode! ❤️

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