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Mar 26, 2023
Guglielmo Schenardi - building startups in school
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The Bits & Bytes Series - Guglielmo Schenardi

Hosted by Jessica Ge

Whenever you use an app, access a website, or do anything in the virtual space, you create data. But do you actually know where your data is going? And who’s using it? ❓🤔

Today’s guest, Guglielmo Schenardi, along with his co-founder, created Rita Personal Data - an app with over 100,000 members and a 4.5-star rating from almost 2,000 reviews. Rita allows users to view, control, and earn rewards from their own data. And founded only 3 years ago, Rita has already secured €1 million in pre-seed funding. 💸

Alongside a successful startup, Guglielmo has also recently launched the first start-up program offering a double university Masters called Genoa Entrepreneurship School (GES). GES is a joint initiative between Georgetown and Genoa university so that you can build or work in a venture whilst attending a masters. 🏫🚀 This way, you don’t have to choose between pursuing a startup career or pursuing education, you can do both.

In this episode, we will focus on two key topics- the importance of data privacy in an increasingly data-driven world and how education and entrepreneurship can co-exist. ✌

Manage your personal data:

Build your next venture from school:


2:05 - Who is Guglielmo Schenardi?

2:46 - The conception of Rita Personal Data

3:40 - Why should you use Rita?

4:50  - Trusting Rita with your data

6:01 - Building a tech product from a non-tech background

8:18 - How to raise €1 million in preseed funding

10:34 - You need an advisor!

12:20 - Guglielmo’s life-changing experience

14:04 - MTV’s documentary on Guglielmo’s daily life

16:43 - Creating a university startup program from scratch

20:20 - How to build the dream team

21:41 - Building a venture whilst pursuing two masters, how?!

28:15 - What’s one thing Guglielmo would change about society?

29:58 - Guglielmo’s unconventional truth that helped him achieve his success

31:46 - Reflect, reflect, reflect

34:14 - Guglielmo’s dream interview guest

Shoutout to Jessica Ge for self-producing this episode! 🕺

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