10 Easy ways to repurpose your content
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Would you like your content to reach more people, build awareness for your brand and position you as an authority in your niche? 

One way to do that is to repurpose your existing content. 

Now, this is not a new idea. 

Most entrepreneurs, creators and businesses with a social media presence have already heard of repurposing content. 

So why don’t most of us do it? 

The short answer is, we’re busy! 

Repurposing your content is meant to help you show up on multiple social media platforms consistently without having to start from scratch with every post. 

But each different platform wants different things. 

It’s not as easy as doing a quick copy & paste to be able to be everywhere at once. 

So traditionally, in order to repurpose your content and make it useful and engaging with audiences on different platforms, you have to take the content piece and remodel it to suit each platform you post on. 

This can be time-consuming when you’re already busy running your business. 

What we want is more results, without adding more and more hours to your working week. 

So what do you do? 

If you’re me or my clients, you look for EASY ways to repurpose your content that align well with your natural strengths and interests. This makes it more fun, which makes it more likely that you’ll want to do it more than once. We turn that into a step-by-step process that can be repeated easily, and we schedule it in to be done on a regular basis. I recommend batching the content repurposing process and scheduling the content release. 

After years of repurposing for herself and clients, Marissa has narrowed it down to 10 really easy but extremely effective ways to repurpose your content. 

Let’s walk through them! 


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