Designing your energy-aligned schedule to work smarter and easier, not harder with Rai Cornell
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We start our businesses because we have a passion for our industry and we want to help people, but we also want more freedom as well as a great income.

The problem is, when we first jump into entrepreneurship, we tend to go ALL IN. We’re not working 9-5 in our first few years of business, we’re working 24/7. We’re up till midnight on our laptops while the rest of the family is asleep. We’re thinking about our business ALL DAY and finding it hard to switch off and have downtime because we’re so intent on making it work!

We feel like we have to wear all the hats and do all the things because we’re worried we can’t afford to outsource or delegate for the first few years, we want to make the most of any cash flow we have.

The problem is… when we try to run a business this way, we burn out fast.

Your business is an extension of YOU, you’re the heart and soul of it. It wouldn’t exist without you. If you want your business to be a success, you need to first consider your own energy as your number one priority, then look at the tasks you’re actioning as part of growing your business.

Today I’m excited to chat with Rai Cornell, who has been building online businesses for over 15 years and helps her clients explore the possibilities of what their life can look like when they design their own energy-aligned business, making the most of their time (without working from dawn ‘til dusk!), and waking up each day feeling excited to get to work!

Tune in as we talk about why we tend to overload ourselves as business owners and then struggle to get everything done, how designing an energy-aligned schedule helps us work smarter and easier, not harder, and which steps should we take to design a schedule that is aligned to our energy.

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