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The Panic Pod
Jun 21, 2022
Do I have OCD? ft. Jenna Overbaugh
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OCD is often misunderstood and because of this, many feel a great deal of shame surrounding their obsessions and compulsions.

So, I am pleased to have qualified OCD specialist, Jenna Overbaugh on The Panic Pod today to discuss the ins and outs of OCD. We're covering all ground in this introductory episode to OCD: What is OCD? What are compulsions? What are intrusive thoughts? What are the lesser-known (but still highly common) OCD subtypes?

Jenna has battled with her own anxiety throughout her life and so, like myself, Jenna not only has the expertise to support those in need but she also has the experience to understand them on a personal level.

Jenna's experience with treating OCD:

"I've been a licensed therapist since 2014, with many years of experience at an OCD residential unit at Rogers Memorial Hospital where I saw some of the most debilitating cases of OCD. I learned about Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the most effective form of OCD treatment, in college and decided to focus on ERP in both undergrad and grad school. It’s been my intent to help people with OCD get through their challenges, so I’m happy that I’m able to show you how to manage OCD on your own with confidence."

You can find Jenna online at the popular Instagram page @treatmyocd.

Jenna is also one of the many qualified OCD therapists working with the team at


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