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Ep 121 YMC: Top 10 Gossip Behaviors to be on the lookout for
Jun 1, 2020 · 6 min
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Continuing our Dirty Dozen Yellow Light series part 3 - top 10 gossip behaviors pulling your workplace culture into the wrong direction. Be on the lookout for these yellow light traffic signals slowing you down - push pause before the red light and get back in the green light flow.

  1. confusion about what is going on - what the direction is amongst employees
  2. employee relations issues on the rise
  3. stress comments increase
  4. anxiety comments increase
  5. working more hours - less work / life balance comments and concerns arise
  6. comments around burnt out become a norm
  7. different employees receiving different messages
  8. constant "off-hours" communication is happening
  9. more time is spent clarifying communication - failure to listen deepens
  10. more passive-aggressive types of communication verbally and in writing through emails
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