Your Morning Commute
EP 7 YMC: Move Your Culture
Nov 7, 2019 · 3 min
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I am often asked, how do you really change a company culture. My first response is it starts with day one and builds from there. Meaning your daily actions, how you literally show up every day. You and your team. What you do, is not only who you are but how your culture is formed. If you want to transform your culture, think more in terms of how you move the culture. Move with quotations if you could see me. You don’t necessarily set or dictate it, you move it. And you move it in the direction you want it to go. Remember the company culture is how decisions are made when its leaders aren’t there. What are the first impressions new hires have on their first day? They themselves can move or set the culture as well. Think about it this way, usually on your first day, a new team member will begin watching to figure out who’s successful at the company and what are they doing. That sets the culture more than anything you can say, or think what your culture is. So, today’s challenge when you get to work – really watch and listen with a new set of eyes and ears, as if you are starting your first day. Do you like what you see and hear or do you need to move the culture?

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