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Part 2: Bordello of Blood came to be. Another movie was supposed to be made in it’s place but the machinations of Hollywood turned and suddenly everything changed.

They had a script called Fat Tuesday, a psychological thriller which was changed to Dead Easy. Gil had no interest in directing Demon Knight, so Ernest Dickerson was brought in. And Gil planned to direct Dead Easy afterward, set in Louisiana and got the green light from Universal and while scouting locations for weeks, the plug was pulled and it was decided that Bordello of Blood would be done in it’s place.

Then Steven Spielberg started Dreamworks and because of fear of losing Robert Zemeckis, the studio made a deal, which included buying a student script that Zemekis actually cowrote, for a ton of money and they ended up using that script that turned out to be Bordello of Blood. They had 3 weeks to rewrite and start shooting. With the making of this movie, they became pawns to everything.

And not in Louisiana but in Canada. And instead of Bridget Wilson they got Erika Eliniak as the female lead. Al and Gil they wanted Robin Givens as the villain but, the boss, Joel Silver, cast, then Sylvester Stallone’s soon to be ex fiancée, Angie Everhart instead. A part written for Daniel Baldwin was replaced with Dennis Miller by Joel, who improved all of his lines and didn’t even want to be in the movie. But he got a million bucks to do it.

Bordello was doomed from the very beginning. They were thwarted until the bitter end and by then, Al and Gil’s friendship and business partnership was over.

This story is a wild ride, you have to hear it!

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