Routes 12-15, Cycling Road, Fuchsia City, & Soul Badge (Ft. David Sims) #050
Play • 1 hr 13 min

Josh & Tanner are joined once again by David Sims, aka Gringus, their eternal rival/friend (it's complicated), and host of Blank Check. In their longest journey together yet, they traverse the docks beneath Lavender Town, take on the menagerie of bird trainers there, get in a tussle with the Cue Balls and Bikers hanging out on Cycling Road, and find themselves in a resplendent Fuchsia City. There, they try their luck at Safari Zone—the best chance they have of catching some exotic 'mon before their final gym battles—and then flatten Koga like one of his disgusting Koffings.

Notes: As always, check out @blankcheckpod, where David and his cohost Griffin are currently running through Robert Zemeckis's filmography (that's the Back to the Future dude!).

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