Sevii Islands, Pt. 1: One Island, Two Island, Three Island, & Earth Badge (#052)
Play • 1 hr

With just one foot out the door of the Cinnabar Gym, a manic Bill whisks Joshua & Mr. Mime away to visit his friend Celio out in the Sevii Islands. Once there, they embark on the "railroadiest of railroads," a series of chained fetch quests that must be done before the islands open up and they can return to the mainland to take on the final Gym Leader.  First, the trainers must deliver a Meteorite to the islands' Game Corner, then take on a biker gang, rescue a lost child (aptly named "Lostelle"), climb a mountain, and get the islands' wifi booted up. Will all of their Pokémon survive the tropical trip, or will there be a sad sea shanty to sing? And will Giovanni finally put up a real fight?

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