179. Empathy and Boundaries PART 3: Recognising When Helping Becomes Enabling
Play • 57 min

Empathy is a tremendously valuable trait that allows us to form deep connections and impact others through the help we render.

But considering no one has infinte supplies of time, energy, or money, how do you determine whom to help and when? How do you strike a balance between selflessness and self-preservation? How do you discern when helping becomes enabling?

Striking a balance between empathy and boundaries can be challenging, leading to feelings of guilt, burnout, and even resentment. 

In this series of four episodes, I explore how to navigate this balance, and how to continue to cultivate empathy towards others without compromising on healthy boundaries.

This is Olawunmi Brigue, Founder, SuperAbundant Woman (SAW): The premier spiritual and personal growth hub for women who want it all - the thriving career, the loving home & the life of tremendous impact. Apply for your seat at: https://superabundantlifetribe.com/apply

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