42. Without These Two Conditions, It Is Impossible to Live Your Best Life
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I remember years ago being really, really confused when I read in the bible that God wanted me to live a beautiful and satisfying life (Romans 12). Why? Because I looked at many aspects of my life and there was nothing beautiful or satisfying about them. 

I didn't have any doubts that what God said was the truth. What I couldn't figure out was why there a gulf between the promise and my reality.

Did I offend God? Had I been disqualified? Was it only open to a select few?

In searching for answers, I came to a life-changing realisation: God's promise of a beautiful and satisfying life is not automatic.  It doesn't just happen. There are two distinct conditions clearly laid out that you must fulfil. 

Without them, contrary to what a lot of people believe, even God cannot bring you into that beautiful, satisfying life. Case-in-point: the generation of Israel that perished in the wilderness, despite God's provision of the beautiful Promised Land.

These two conditions together form the bridge that is required to effortlessly carry you across. To ignore them in pursuit of the beautiful life is like attempting to jump across a river unaided. Quite simply, no bridge, no crossover. 

So this week, I delve into these two conditions and break them down in a simple and practicable way so that you will know what it will take for you to fully access and enjoy the best life God has already prepared for you.

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Olawunmi Brigue is a Transformational Life Coach who specialises in helping Christians create remarkable success and lasting change through her signature Five Pillars of Transformation: Vision Clarity, Mindset Transformation, Strategic Planning, Inspired Action & Effective Prayer. Learn more at: olawunmibrigue.com

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