71. You vs You: Letting People, Results or Circumstances Define Your Self-Worth
Play • 59 min

Let's say your boss criticised your work. Before you knew it, you had somehow lost confidence in your ability and started to struggle with what used to be a breeze. Or, a valued mentor casually dismissed your business idea and now, you no longer believe in your ability to be successful in business.

The business idea may have been bad. The work you produced for your boss may have really been below standard. But the real problem was, you took that opinion and defined yourself by it. Rather than localise the information, you generalised it until you took it on as your new identity. As a result, a temporary setback became a permanent failure.

This week, Olawunmi teaches why it can be so easy to define ourselves by fleeting opinions and setbacks, the consequences of doing so, and how you can protect your confidence and sense of self-worth.

This is the fourth episode in the series, You vs You: Overcoming the habits holding you back from your biggest successes.

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