69. You vs You: Waiting To Be Rescued From The Tower
Play • 59 min

What is the "Princess in the tower syndrome"? 

You know you hate your job. But you don’t know what’s “out there,” so you stay there anyway and hope one day an opportunity to move will show up.

You know you are tired of being in that friendship circle. They’re literally sucking the life out of you. But you stay there anyway and hope one day they’ll move on and you’ll be free.

That’s why many dreams never see the light of day.

Because people keep waiting to be rescued from a situation God has already equipped them to get out of.

This is the second episode in the series, You vs You: Overcoming the habits holding you back from your biggest successes. In this episode, learn how to stop waiting for your dream to come to you. Be inspired to go out and get it! 

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