34. Why You're Absolutely Killing It Here But Struggling There (And The Secret Key To All-Round Success)
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How can you be absolutely crushing it in one area of life but be struggling to stay afloat in another? Take Oprah for example. She has found such incredible success in her career that almost everyone on the planet knows her name but to this day, she struggles with her weight.

Why would a person with a tremendously successful marriage and the most amazing kids barely have two cents to rub together?

Someone else is flowing in financial abundance but battling with crippling fear and depression.

Why is it that you're crushing it here but drowning there?

In this week's episode, Olawunmi unveils:

  • The reason why everyone has a 'but' 
  • The faulty mindsets that keep us there
  • And most importantly, the secret key that will allow you bring the most important areas of your life into a good level of success.

Olawunmi Brigue is a Transformational Life Coach who specialises in helping Christians create remarkable success and lasting change through her signature Five Pillars of Transformation: Vision Clarity, Mindset Transformation, Strategic Planning, Inspired Action & Effective Prayer.

Learn more at: olawunmibrigue.com

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