22. When It Seems Everything and Everyone Is Against You
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Why do we face challenges in life? Why does it feels like every corner you turn, there's another battle waiting to be fought?

If you have a GOOD desire that will birth something beautiful in this world, logically you would expect everyone that hears of it to rally around and help make it happen, right? But reality rarely plays out that way with some even going as far as actively opposing you. 

How do you overcome resistance to achieve your dream?

In this week's episode, Olawunmi seeks to answer these questions by studying the life of a bible character whose simple desire to create a better life met with crazy opposition from the people around him, and how he was able to cut through the noise to claim his prize.


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Olawunmi Brigue is an Inside-Out Transformational Coach. Her signature coaching program, Goal Execution & Mastery System (GEMS), has helped several Christians achieve exceptional successes in various areas of life.   

Learn more at: OlawunmiBrigue.com

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