How Overstimulation Is Ruining Your Life… (WARNING)
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In this episode, I share with how overstimulation is ruining your life and how you can correct it!

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1. Chasing Happiness — “When I make this amount of money”, “When I am in a relationship”, then I’ll be happy. Happiness can’t exist in the future but present. If you aren’t happy now, you don’t be happy then.

2. Kill Negative Beliefs — Thinking doesn’t make it true. People thought the earth was far, didn’t make it true. When you think you can’t make money online or get healthy, don’t accept it as truth.

3. Modern News — Read about death, rape, and war. And see how hopeful they make you about your future. The media is always biased towards the negative because the positive doesn’t sell. Don’t fall into their trap.

4. Pleasure Eating — Do you eat for nutrition or pleasure? If it’s the latter, you will always end up overeating junk. Change your perspective on food. It’s about fuel not taste.

5. Garbage Excuses — “I can’t make it because of my parents, my past, or the economy”. You can make it. It’s that your mind doesn’t want you to give up comfort. Override your mind.

6. People Pleasing — Say ‘NO’ to the texts or favours from people you don’t like. Otherwise, you will waste your life for people who don’t care.

7. Quick Results — If you take action and wait for results, they won’t come. Results come to keep taking action. Waiting for results only stops you from taking action.

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