Flareheads Podcast
Flareheads Podcast
Aug 11, 2022
"Sometimes you have to put a pork chop around a kid's neck to get the dog to play with him. That’s Redevelopment." An interview with FRA President Jeff Burton.
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I enjoyed spending time with my friend Dr. Jeff Burton, President of the Florida Redevelopment Association at the Preservation on Main Street Conference last week in Deland, Florida, where he joined me for a special video podcast conversation about a range of topics including?  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and visit flareheads.com for more podcast content.

  • Miami’s Gold Rush, what does it mean for other areas like Tampa and St Pete?
  • Wow, all of a sudden people have discovered Miami Beach!
  • What does all this great regional economic development mean on the ground, in the real places?
  • How Miami Beach’s 30-year (1980-2010) economic revitalization success can benefit any community.
  • Any community can do successful redevelopment.
  • Lifestyle choices.
  • Affordable housing and Tampa’s CRAs
  • The BusinessFlare P.I.E.C.E. “Analysis
  • BusinessFlare’s Fitment and Feasibility™ Model
  • The difference between economic development and redevelopment
  • When do developer incentives become entitlements?
  • How did CRAs in Florida originate?
  • Miami Beach’s role in early days of Florida Redevelopment
  • Janet Reno’s Dance Party and Fred Flintstone
  • They wanted to build a waterslide mountain in South Pointe Miami Beach

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