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100 Day Project
Mar 26, 2019 · 43 min
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Have you ever struggled to articulate how you are feeling? You know what you are feeling but you can't describe it to someone else? Or maybe you have a hard time just talking it through with yourself?

I know this has happened to me many times. It's frustrating. 

The 100 Day Project, obscure emotions, enneagram and dearruksi are several incredible concepts carried out by NYC artist Rukmini Poddar who is bridging the gaps between emotions and ARTiculation. Check out this episode where we talk to Rukmini about her drawings and how she is using art to help people all over the world. 

Rukmini Poddar (pronounced: rukmeenee poe-dar)

My name is Rukmini Poddar, and I’m a graphic designer and illustrator living in NYC. My creative passion lies at the intersection of emotional wellness and creative storytelling.I believe what is most personal is most universal. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and others by sharing our unique stories and feelings. My goal is to help create a community built around empathy; a community where people feel safe to show up as they are, knowing they will be received fully on the other side.

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Disclaimer: I am a Physical Therapist and Wellness Coach. I specialize in guiding women to freedom from anxiety with a mind-body approach. I utilize my education as a Physical Therapist to give you an understanding of your body to assist your body in promoting a healthy and well environment. I provide tools for relief to women who choose to manage anxiety without medication, who have encountered a negative experience with medication, or who found no benefit from medication, and are left searching for answers.  My degree as a Physical Therapist does not make me a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Therapist/Counselor, or Psychologist. I can not and will not: diagnose your illness or condition, provide talk therapy or counseling, prescribe medication, or discuss or alter your medication regimen (including discontinuation of any medication). I will advise you seek care from your primary care doctor or a mental health professional if I recognize this as an essential component to your well-being -AND/OR- your situation is not appropriate for my program.

Please seek individual consultation with a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice and answers to personal health questions.

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