63. Dr. Alex Miller
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Dr. Alex Miller joins Dr. Kiltz to share her inspirational story of healing after transitioning from a vegan to an mal-based diet.

Dr. Alex Miller is a certified Ketogenic and Carnivore lifestyle coach.  She adapted an animal-based way of eating in early 2020, just as the pandemic was setting in. Alex found great success eating a keto lifestyle, healing her hormone imbalances, period issues, mental health concerns (anxiety, PTSD, PPD), and losing excess body weight.

Alex came to keto from a vegetarian, and at times vegan diet, of more than 10 years. Although she initially struggled with the idea that vegetables are bad for us, after reading many books and listening to many podcasts, Alex took the carnivore plunge in early 2022 and has never looked back. Her health and mental well-being have skyrocketed to a whole new level ever since.

Alex is a strong advocate of keto/carnivore for the whole family, as she has seen first hand just how much her kids thrive on this way of eating.  She also encourages all her clients and followers to practice daily mindfulness and gratitude exercises, as she bills them as the true secret to happiness in life.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Alex’s story of becoming a keto/carnivore
  • Natural eating habits
  • Health improvements after switching to animal based
  • The importance of mindfulness
  • A holistic approach to health

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