38. Ede Fox - Black Carnivore
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If you are looking to learn about the carnivore diet, how stress effects the body, and how racism contributes to the public health problem from the Black Carnivore who has turned her life and health around by going meat-based, then this episode is for you.

Seven years ago, Ede Fox turned her life around with a ketogenic/carnivore diet.  Decades of compulsive consumption of refined carbs and junk food led to obesity, joint pain, rising blood pressure & blood sugar, plus out of control asthma, allergies and eczema.

Now at 50, she has reversed all those conditions, has tons of energy, lost 80 pounds and most importantly has a healthy way of eating that is sustainable for a lifetime!

Ede is on a mission to help others lose weight, end chronic pain and inflammation, reverse disease and get off medications.  Ede runs an online carnivore community, hosts a Podcast, a weekly livestream on Youtube and you can find her on Instagram.

In this episode you will discover:

  • How to be a strict carnivore
  • The dangers of marketing with unhealthy foods
  • How racism is a part of the public health problem
  • Challenges of being a keto/carnivore
  • Sticking to your diet in social settings

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