87. Robyn Herron
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Join Dr. Kiltz and special Guest Robyn Herron for a unique perspective on finding the right “diet” for you, no matter your race, color, size, or background.  
Robyn was overweight and borderline obese most of her life. She tried too many diets to name and never got the results she hoped for. If she would lose weight, it would rebound and come right back when she stabilized her way of eating.  

 In the early 2000’s she tried the Atkins diet, causing her to realize that eating 20 grams of carbs or less was the answer.  Like many, she started reclimbing the Carb ladder and gained all the weight back.  

About 5 years ago she restarted Keto and saw great progress.  Again, 2 years ago she craved "a little sweet corn" and the carb cravings came straight back.  She started her Carnivore Journey on February 22, 2023.  Since then, she has found food freedom and eliminated her carb cravings.  

She is also experiencing what she describes as "incredible health and healing" in her body. She has noticed a reduction in eczema, a reduction in inflammation, NO SEASONAL ALLERGIES, and an overall sense of well-being. 

Now Robyn looks to share the carnivore way of life with the whole world (particularly the African American community). The Proper Human Diet. 


In this episode you will discover:  

  • Yo-yo dieting and finding what works 

  • Health changes from going carnivore 

  • The Carnivore diet and People of Color 

  • Tips for getting enough fat 

  • Thoughts on improving one’s overall life 


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