Web3 Unlocked
Web3 Unlocked
Mar 6, 2023
Building a Web3 Unicorn without a token: Matthew Gould, CEO and CoFounder, Unstoppable Domains
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In this episode of Web3 Unlocked, Kenzi Wang, Sachi Kamiya, and Diksha Dutta speak to Matthew Gould, the CEO of Unstoppable Domains. He discusses building a digital identity-focused Web3 company, what founders need to focus on for fundraising, and why he thinks token funding may be harmful to protocols.  Here is a deep dive into the conversation, featuring edited excerpts from the podcast.  

Here is a list of the selected time stamps on the different topics discussed during the podcast:  

1:21 to 2:08: On what excites Matthew the most about Web3 

2:09 to 4:27: How Matthew got into Web3

 4:42 to 8:03: The founding of Unstoppable Domains

 8:04 to 9:24: On how founders can distinguish good and bad ideas

 9:28 to 13:14: On the biggest differences between Web2 and Web3

 13:15 to 18:24: On being an atypical founder

 18:47 to 29:06: On making decisions to survive downturns 

29:40 to 34:00: On raising equity instead of doing token rounds for funding

 34:01 to 35:57: On building a community without tokens 

35.58 to 41:03: On what Web3 adds to digital identities that Web2 does not

 42:39 to 46:52: On reaching a $1 billion valuation

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