Bitcoin With Jake
Bitcoin With Jake
May 15, 2023
Eric Podwojski: Bitcoin Talent Co, Micro-Payments, & Content Monetisation - Bitcoin with Jake #78
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"... Now everywhere I look, there's Bitcoin teachings." - Eric Podwojski

BWJ 078: This week I spoke with Eric Podwojski who previously worked for Bitcoin Magazine but is now building Bitcoin Talent Co, who are a recruitment company for BTC-only companies and Bitcoiners.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • 1:34 Slow drip orange-pilled
  • 5:03 Bitcoin & banking
  • 7:41 Jurisdictional arbitrage
  • 11:44 Origin of Bitcoin Talent Co
  • 16:03 Selling real estate vs ‘selling’ BTC
  • 17:29 Bitcoin Talent Co business model
  • 24:55 The future of the job market
  • 26:20 Micro-tasks & micro-payments
  • 30:16 Build your personal brand
  • 34:34 Content monetisation
  • 44:42 How Bitcoin changed his life
  • 47:22 What excites him about the future

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