The Pivot
The Pivot
Aug 15, 2023
Jane Frankland: Women In Cyber and IN Security Movement
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Jane is a tech entrepreneur, book author, international speaker, and passionate women's change agent. She is the founder of the IN Security Movement and the author of In Security: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is Making Us All Less Safe. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Jane has built her own penetration company and held senior executive roles at information technology organizations.

Today she is represented by The London Speaking Bureau and is committed to establishing women in security as a standard, not an exception, through her consulting services, training programs, media appearances, speaking engagements, and the Women in Cybersecurity Podcast.

In this episode, Jane dives deep into the current landscape of the cyber world, elaborating on the challenges and presenting potential solutions. She discusses the 'enabler' knowledge gap between people in cybersecurity and company shareholders, the obstacles that women face when trying to get their foot in the door of the industry, and many more.

0:00 Welcome!

1:31 Tell us about yourself!

4:58 Tell us a bit about your work!

14:07 What got you into cyber world?

18:20 How to make the shareholders aware that people in cyber are 'enablers' in business?

24:19 The problem of the misleading and big requirements in the job specs

30:24 What is it like to expose and grow people in the industry?

38:22 What has it been like to empower women in cyber?

40:46 Why and how do women face more challenges in the industry?

49:34 Is woman empowerment in cyber more of a flipside analogy?

53:27 The importance of the diversity in workplace

56:05 Why do you think the gender risk analysis happens and how to fix it?

1:01:31 Tell us the top 3 attributes you would advise the newcomers to possess!

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