The Pivot
The Pivot
Jul 21, 2022
Julie Jones: How To Become A World-Class Investigator
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After working as a police detective, undercover operator, and behavioral and geographic profiler for 10 years, Julie Jones enters the intelligence unit and develops her passion for technology by using the internet to investigate crimes. As an Intelligence Specialist, Julie uses all-source intelligence with a focus on online OSINT, social media intelligence, and ethical and proportionate practices for covert and undercover investigations to solve complex problems for corporations, governments, law enforcement, and non-profits worldwide. 

In this episode, Julie shares what leads her into internet investigations, how she keeps up with the curve, her experiences in international investigations, the topics she is passionate about, the definition of coercive control as well as her work around cults.

In this episode, Julie talks about:

  • Tips/techniques to stay on top of the curve
  • What is it like to engage in international crimes investigations and how she navigates it
  • Why she is passionate about humanitarian investigations
  • What is coercive control
  • Her work around cults
  • What should we focus on to improve as investigators

■ About The Pivot

Brought to you by Maltego, The Pivot deep dives into topics pivoting from information security to the criminal underground. Each episode features interviews with experts from the industry and research fields and explores how they connect the dots.

■ About Maltego

Used by investigators worldwide, Maltego is a graphical link analysis tool that allows users to mine, merge, and map data from OSINT and third-party data integrations for all sorts of investigations—cybersecurity, person of interest, fraud, and more.

The podcast streams free on Spotify. You can also watch it all go down on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe to our Twitter and LinkedIn to stay on top of our latest updates, tutorials, webinars, and deep dives. For more information about Maltego, visit our website.

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