The Pivot
The Pivot
Aug 18, 2022
Katie Paxton-Fear: The Bug Bounty Hunter & YouTube Creator
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Dr. Katie Paxton-Fear is a Cybersecurity Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and Technical Community Manager at Bugcrowd, but she’s probably most well known for her hobby: In her free time, she’s a hacker and a YouTube educator.

Since 2019, she has found more than 30 vulnerabilities in real software in production, when she first got into hacking “accidentally.” She got her start in security thanks to a mentorship at a HackerOne live hacking event in 2019 where she found her first two bugs in Uber, despite it being her first-time hacking. After being invited as a mentee again in Vegas during DEFCON, she realized the privilege she had and once she got home, she started making videos teaching others how to get into hacking.

Since then, she has made more than 50 educational videos on a range of topics, explaining beginner vulnerabilities, tools, APIs, note-taking, and mobile hacking. She is interested in the intersection of data and web application vulnerabilities and developing understanding from noise.

In this interview, we will dive into:

  • Katie's journey and experience of being a bug bounty hunter
  • How OSINT plays a role in Kaite's projects
  • Katie's aspiration of teaching and creating educational content
  • Three of the most important things that helped Katie become who she is

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