The Pivot
The Pivot
Jun 15, 2023
Henri Beek from DataExpert: Senior Law Enforcement OSINT Trainer
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Henri Beek has more than 13 years of professional experience working in the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) space. Within his career, he has used OSINT for different types of investigations, ranging from fraud and employment screening to family protection, red teaming and cyber threat intelligence. Henri currently works at a company where he provides OSINT training and consultancy to law enforcement and related entities throughout Europe.

In this episode, we peek into OSINT investigations from back in 2008, when it was still called "desk research" and conducted with plenty of paperwork. Extending the topic, Henri also brings up the access problems such as the takedown of Facebook Graph. He also points out that investigators should be more mindful of the information they are sharing online and be keen on examining the source and reliability of the contents.

0:00 Welcome!

1:23 What got you into OSINT?

2:31 Where did you start doing OSINT?

6:36 Have you encountered access problems while researching? In which sphere?

17:18 What's the definition of Red Team and its exercises?

20:29 Tell us the hallmark investigation of yours!

25:01 What are the tools you use for investigations?

31:41 Do you think we are oversharing OSINT resources?

35:51 What is stifiling the access to the information?

48:09 How does one start off one of the OSINT branches?

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Brought to you by Maltego, The Pivot deep dives into topics pivoting from information security to the criminal underground. Each episode features interviews with experts from the industry and research fields and explores how they connect the dots.

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Used by investigators worldwide, Maltego is a graphical link analysis tool that allows users to mine, merge, and map data from OSINT and third-party data integrations for all sorts of investigations—cybersecurity, person of interest, fraud, and more.

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