Jan 19, 2021
#66 - Internet of Things
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In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discussed with our guests Ali Lakrakbi and Saad Zabari what's IoT, its impact, Adopting IoT in Morocco, and more things about it.



0:00 - Introduction and welcoming.

0:07 - What's the Internet of Things?

0:11 - Why the Internet of Things, and what is its impact on humanity?

0:19 - Around 4/5 years ago, IoT was trending, and then it started slowly to disappear. Why is that?

0:26 - What are the difficulties in creating a startup in the domain of Iot, and why don't we see many successful startups in that area?

0:39 - What is the impact of 5g on IoT?

0:43 - Rumors said that the vaccine would have a microchip; technically, is that possible?

0:46 - Is there any risk concerning the IoT, specifically because we are related to servers/cloud?

0:52 - What are the solutions proposed by manufacturers to ensure security and privacy?

1:15 - During quarantine, the community of makers and IoT enthusiasts were here, never than before were in the appointment and came up with many great initiatives. Your opinion about that?

1:23 - Adopting IoT in Morocco will help the communities to move forward, and having products made in morocco?

1:30 - How can we integrate IoT into the education system?

1:49 - Conclusion and Goodbye.

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