Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Sep 23, 2020
127:How to protect your Instagram, personal security and how private is our information?
1 hr 3 min

Whilst the episode might seem a bit heavy and like "oh that's not for me" ... don't be fooled. Have an Instagram account that you want to keep? Then this is for you.

As I learned the hard way, out shit isn't as safe as it seems. In fact, hackers have a jolly good time fooling us and if you aren't careful, you may be their next victim (not to scare you or anything...butttt also to scare you into action).

This episode has a LOT of stuff in it -- and WARNING; it is head heavy. AND it's hella important.

Chelsea is here to help us know what to do to protect our accounts from being taken from our hot little hands and to ensure that you do not encounter the same trauma that I did just a few weeks ago.

The cyber attacks that are going on at the moment are INSANE and important that you are protecting yourself.

To contact Chelsea - please do so through her website https://l7ss.com/ 

for the masterclass interest https://mailchi.mp/675036174e3e/master-class-non-business 

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