Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Apr 13, 2020
96: Let's NAIL the energy and frequency of money shall we?
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In this episode I cover...

🌙 How to stay in the energy of wealth and abundance

🌙 How your relationship to money impacts your life

🌙 Becoming aware of your money beliefs

🌙 Childhood wounding around money

🌙 Money, sex, and sensuality

🌙 Respecting your money

🌙 Your relationship with money

Some chicken nuggets from the call:

“Money is a form of abundance.”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the feeling.”

“Abundance hasn’t just stopped. The law of attraction hasn’t just stopped working. It’s still working.”

“Fear is normal. It keeps us safe. It’s about how we respond to fear that’s the empowering part.”

“The feminine is all about receiving. The masculine is all about giving.”

“Money is a way to give value to yourself.”

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