Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
May 23, 2020
104: Where the f*ck has my period gone?!
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Wondering where the f*ck your period has gone, especially right now?! This episode is full of all the nuggets for why your period has gone MIA.

🌙 How long things can take to impact your cycle

🌙 The impact of energetics and emotions behind your cycle


🌙 How quantity and quality of food effects your cycle

🌙 The impact of sleep, light, and travel

🌙 Hormonal things to be aware of

🌙 Answering your questions about missing periods

Chicken nuggets from the episode:

“The energy and the way that your relationship is with femininity, and sensuality, and surrendering WILL impact your cycle.”

“Your body needs you to feel safe in order to have a healthy cycle.”

“You don’t have a period on the pill.”

“Think CHANGE…changes in your life will affect [your cycle].”

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