Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Sep 7, 2020
125: My week from hell: When my Instagram account was ha(k3d and deleted ... but my magic got it back baby!
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Oh MAN was this a hard week for me. Waking up on Monday and seeing my Instagram account completely MIA, to not being able to figure out how to properly report it, then having to surrender to FB to work it out (easier said than done) and then having the hackers FACETIMING ME! It was A LOT. I not only went through some serious energetic purging and uplevels, I had to surrender at the deepest level ever -- KNOWING that it would come back. I was so hard to not be able to run my business as normal, and such an energetic violation to have someone else in complete control of my account and using it under a false name. 

This is a BIG wakeup call to ALL business owners that using Instagram as a platform to make money, connect to their audience and/or boost sales. If you are not on my mailing list, please do so by adding your email at the top or bottom of my website page. www.monicayates.com.au 

One of the biggest lessons I learnt this week, was to be able to see some people's true colours that I thought were my friends, but clearly have different definitions of friendships. In moments like these, you want to be able to fall into another person's arms, you want to be supported physically and I had to deal with it on my own. It was rough, AND it was an opportunity to ensure that the people in my life match my energy. ANd there's no shame on people that don't match your energy or what you classify as a friendship (actually let's be real -- this was just a "be a decent human" situation) -- it's just that you don't want people that are not a match for you! Simple as that! Thank you, NEXT! 

So enjoy this podcast, and PLEASEEEEEEEE as mentioned, share it because the hackers removed SO many of my followers. Lost like 400! I know it's not the end of the world - but people don't know that they aren't following me! So many of my clients had to refollow me! And I want to make sure everyoneeeee is getting da VIBES!!!! 

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