Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Jan 17, 2020
78: Harbouring shame and toxic masculinity
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Today Monica talks all about harbouring shame and toxic masculinity. JUICY juicy episode ladies!

In the episode:

☾ What shame is

☾ How shame holds us back

☾ Ways to heal shame

☾ Examples of emasculating men

☾ Healthy shame that is essential to our growth

☾ How doing this work will allow you to feel more, sense more, and have more pleasure in your life

☾ Signs that shame is present

☾ How toxic masculinity is created

Some of the chicken nuggets from the episode:

“Knowing where your shadows are also allows you to see where your growth lies.”

“With men, the most powerful emotional roadblock is shame.”

“Many men can have an aversion [to deep emotions] because they do not want to be seen as weak.”

“Bottled anger which often comes from shame is what turns into aggression. Anger isn’t dangerous, aggression is.”

“The more that you suppress your emotions, the less you are able to feel [including the GOOD]."

“Toxic men are not born, they are created.”

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