Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Sep 29, 2020
128: Weight loss as a form of self love, body positivity and trauma
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Whilst the media may make you feel like weight loss is now 'body hate'... I'm here to break this down.

Losing weight because you love your body, is different from losing weight become you hate it. In fact, it's complete opposites. There is so much confusion as a result of body positivity, that now people feel shit for saying that they want to drop some weight. Everyone now things they have body image issues and low confidence. (which sometimes is the case, but sometimes isn't the case).

In this episode, I'm talking to you guys about my journey through all my physical health issues and how my body fluctuated through pre-pill, post-pill, and then post-ski accident to now.

Throughout this episode, I'm helping you unpack the reason why body love can be a part of weight loss (when done with a specific energy and vibe behind it) and why your hormones have SUCH a key role to play in all of this.

Additionally, I talk about weight loss and how trauma is related to your body storing weight even when your food or exercise routine hasn't changed.

This episode is here to give you permission to live a healthier lifestyle if you want it, form a place of love. And to help you see why promoting a crap lifestyle because its 'body positivity' is actually somewhat disrespectful to your body.

As mentioned, if you want to heal your trauma and stop bonding over it, get your sexy ass into Queen Alchemy (for women) or work with me 1:1 (men or women).

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