Feminine as F*ck
Feminine as F*ck
Feb 18, 2019
10: BONUS EP: Boujee Ass B*tches Luxury Immersion with Asti Maree
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In the latest episode of Feminine as F*ck, Asti and I are talking about our EPIC Boujee ass Luxury Immersion that we are hosting in October 2019 or the women that is

  •  ready to commit to herself wholeheartedly 
  • knows that this is the time to take real action and make long-lasting changes
  • is sick of just talking about her problems, and actually wants SUSTAINABLE results 
  • wants to heal her childhood wounds and blocks
  • has any sexual trauma that her body is still activated by 
  • wants to reprogram her subconscious so that she can have the life she is worthy and deserving of having 
  • wants to come home to herself and is ready to put herself first 

Boujee bitch lives with and open mind, a full heart and a juicy yoni. She is fully embodied in her power, she is in full alignment with her soul self, and is so turned on by life. 

She speaks her truth, doesn’t let people cross her boundaries and is unapologetically her authentic self. Whether that be, fire, water, earth or air. 

Combined, Monica and Asti are the magic duo for all things femininity, sex, periods, hormones, confidence, energetic shifting, embodiment work, energetic release, NLP, the subconscious mind, breaking through your barriers, calling you out on your BS and so much more.

With the combo of Fire (Monica) and Earth (Asti) you will walk out of this Boujee Ass Retreat as a new fucking woman. 

If you are serious about being turned on by life and if you’re a full head, heart and pussy YES then let’s jump on a discovery call 


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