Ep 59: Embracing Uncertainty
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Hi beautiful souls, welcome to episode 59 of the Jasmine Lipska podcast!

In today's episode, I'm shedding some light on how to embrace uncertainty, so you can live more freely and peacefully.

I discuss:

+ The uncertainty I've felt

+ Why everything has always been uncertain

+ The need to have a sense of control

+ Where control comes from

+ How to heal your wounded inner child

+ Having faith

+ Learning to surrender

+ Mindfulness

+ and SO much more!

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Sending you lots of love!

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The Bliss Bean Show
The Bliss Bean Show
Beatrice Naujalyte
018 | Let's Chat About Mental Health & What's Been Working For Me Lately
Anyone else hitting the "pandemic wall"? A few things (okay, one MAIN thing) have been helping me to get through it, and I wanted to record a solo episode to talk about the strategies that have been super effective for me lately and give you some ideas for things you can implement yourself. I talked about: * how I’ve been doing & feeling (2:02) * having a difficult conversation with my dad (6:40) * how having an accountability buddy has changed the game for me (13:00) * “breaking up” with my therapist (20:22) * how YouTube has been impacting my mental health (22:22) * my top 3 cognitive distortions (27:04) * my results on the dysfunctional attitudes scale (30:01) To find links to everything we mentioned, and to sign up for weekly podcast shownotes in your inbox, click here. If you’d like to contribute a comment, question, or suggestion, send me an email or audio file/voice note over at hello@theblissbean.com. ⭑ SUPPORT THE SHOW ⭑ * If you’ve found value in the podcast, please consider leaving a tip! It helps me to continue producing episodes and sharing conversations with cool people, and I really appreciate it. https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-bliss-bean * You can also help out by leaving a review on iTunes! It means the world to me :) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bliss-bean-show/id1533921702 ⭑ CONNECT WITH ME ⭑ Website | www.theblissbean.com YouTube | The Bliss Bean Instagram | @theblissbean ⭑ OTHER ⭑ Music from Epidemic Sound. Try a 30-day free trial of music for your content: http://share.epidemicsound.com/theblissbean
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The Perfectionism Project
The Perfectionism Project
Sam Laura Brown
Ep 257: Pregnancy + Perfectionism
Today I have a very exciting episode to share with you. It’s on pregnancy and perfectionism. I’m pregnant! I’m just over half way through my pregnancy and we’re having a baby girl. I wanted to share this exciting news with you but also share how pregnancy and perfectionism can be experienced together. I’ve had my perfectionist mindset come up a lot when it came to trying to conceive, getting pregnant and then going through pregnancy. Tune into this three part episode as I share my thoughts and feelings before getting pregnant, when I found out I was pregnant and during my pregnancy. I really wanted to share how my perfectionist mindset has come up throughout this experience. In This Episode You’ll Learn: * Ways a perfectionist mindset can show up during pregnancy * Ways that I was able to slow my overthinking before and during pregnancy * Tips for prioritising your workload when you’re feeling fatigued during pregnancy * How my pregnancy has allowed me to scale my business and its impact Featured In The Episode: * Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - group coaching program * FREE Training * Episode 242: Personal Growth Update November 2020 Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done If you enjoy listening to this podcast, I highly recommend joining my group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done. When you become a member of our community, you’ll get instant access to my proven process for building a full-time coaching business without getting laughed at. It’s called the Full-Time Formula and it’s all yours, alongside our coaching calls, courses and PGSD Private Podcast, as soon as you sign up. Join our group coaching program today at samlaurabrown.com/membership
1 hr 38 min
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