7: Modeling Unity
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How do we as parents model unity?

-  Allowing second chances.

-  Unity cannot be accomplished if people come at each other with power.

-  Unity can’t be the goal, but unity is the byproduct of our unconditional love for each other… we need to give each other space and room to grow.

-  Model humility because we understand we aren’t perfect.

o  Kids know parents are not perfect.

§  Practice ability to admit wrongs or mistakes.

§  Apologize because our kids know we are not perfect!

What is the challenge for family unity?

-  Conflict:

o  It’s everywhere, but we can prepare our family for how to navigate conflicts.

o  We should pre-empt off-limits conversations if they can’t be managed well.

-  Power:

o  Power sees another’s weakness and attacks, but unconditional love sees each other’s needs and still serves.

o  Humility allows us to listen to other perspectives. Human nature seeks to attack different perspectives.

o  Opportunity to model love, grace, and mercy within our adult relationships.

o  When we try to gain power by putting the other spouse down, we risk pushing our children away.

-  Tribalism:

o  Humans naturally align with people that make us feel safe.

o  When we are exposed to opposing ideas or have to see people who have hurt us, that stirs up emotion.

o  We need to recognize that we may still be processing through wounds. Be honest about those hurts.

What are the challenges as we work this out in the body of Christ?

-  Diversity:

o  Do I have a diverse circle of friends or are all of my friends only agree with me?

o  If we only agree with people that believe the same thing we do, how can we share the gospel? How can we grow spiritually? (spoiler alert – Pastor Bryan calls people cowards!)

-  Social media:

o  Phones are destroying our ability to engage in healthy, productive, discipling conversations because we are trying to correct other people’s thinking on social media.

o  We should filter posts by asking:

§  Is this Helpful?

§  Will it bring Healing?

§  Can it hurt people?

How can unity in the church impact the body of Christ?

-  Lack of unity will kill our ability to evangelize if we do not have unity within the church.

-  John 13:34-35 – Love for OTHER CHRISTIANS

-  John 17 – Jesus says Christian unity proves He is who he said he was.

How do we repair the damage that has been done?

-  Start reconnecting with Jesus followers that COVID who have accidentally or intentionally walked away from us.

-  Start reconciliation with Jesus followers for relationships that have broken.

-  Begin to reach beyond your normal circle of friends to help model unity and love in your home.

We need to initiate relationships:

1) Ask God to let the love of Jesus to compel me to fix the relationships.

2) Ask God for the courage to fix it.

Jesus pursued us. We will need to repent. Apologize and be the first to engage.

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