Eric Gertler: Learning in Motion and the Lifelong Pursuit of Knowledge
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Welcome to the John Schultz podcast! In today's episode, we kick off season two with our special guest, Mr. Eric Gertler, the current Chairman, Executive Chairman, and CEO of US News and World Report. Eric passionately discusses the company's dedication to objective journalism and the significance of rankings in empowering consumers' informed decisions while upholding trust and ethical principles in journalism.

Eric's illustrious career includes impactful public service work in New York City and New York State, emphasizing the role of government and leadership during crises like COVID-19. Raised in Montreal, Canada, Eric's diverse upbringing influenced his worldview, shaped by a blend of sports and literature and a multicultural environment during political uncertainty.

Deeply influenced by his upbringing in Montreal, Canada, Eric attributes his unique worldview to his formative years. Growing up in a middle-class family with parents of diverse interests, he was exposed to a vibrant blend of sports and literature, igniting his early passions. Quebec's multicultural and multilingual environment during a time of political uncertainty further shaped his perspective on society and evoked a sense of awareness and concern.

At the core of Eric's character lies an unwavering belief in the significance of continuous learning, and he fondly credits his parents for being pivotal figures in his life. His father instilled in him a relentless work ethic and encouraged him to envision his future. At the same time, his mother, a librarian, sparked his curiosity and exposed him to the riches of literature, culture, and exploration. These profound experiences have undoubtedly contributed to shaping Eric into the well-rounded individual he is today.

Passionately delving into US News and World Report, Eric stresses the crucial significance of upholding trust and objectivity in journalism amidst AI advancements. The company aims to empower consumers further and enhance the user journey in critical areas like education, finance, and health.

Eric's journey from his childhood in Montreal to his current leadership role at US News and World Report is a testament to hard work, learning, and adaptability. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of media and technology, Eric's commitment to trust and objectivity serves as a guiding principle for the future.

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