SexEd Unfiltered!
SexEd Unfiltered!
Mar 20, 2022
Expressing Myself, My Way!
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I, me and myself is a very personal indication that often tries to reflect an individual’s personal choices when they express themselves. 21st-century world is emboldened with movements demanding personal freedom and protection of human and individual rights thereby fortifying individual’s right to feel, be and express the way they want to. Are rights, freedom and choices even existential or are these matters only relevant for policy discussions and arguments? If they do exist, who is responsible for protecting these rights? Is it the government, society, family or the individuals themselves?

Is there an unspoken and unseen societal decorum that individuals still have to abide by when it comes to expressing themselves and accepting a particular gender role just in order to be accepted by the society? How long will it take for society to accept the individuals for who they really are and allow them to live the life they want to without succumbing to shame, embarrassment and vulnerability. Ultimately who are we to even judge how I, Me and Myself should express themselves as?

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