Pain is pleasure?
Play • 25 min

The opinion and perceptions associated with sex and relationship vary across the world. In some parts of the world, it is considered taboo to even speak about sex or have sex before marriage, whereas in other parts of the world it is as normal as it could be. Likewise in some parts of the world having more than one relationship and standing up for yourself is considered as a sign of empowerment whereas in other parts obliging and being loyal to just one partner regardless of what the relationship might look like is considered as the most noteworthy thing to do. Regardless of the different perception that exists, we can never deny the fact that relationship and sex will be with us as long as the human race continues to exist. So who are we to judge as to what one prefers and why should we shy away from expressing our personal preferences when it comes to sex and relationship? Amidst the different opinions and preferences surrounding relationship and sex, in this episode, we want to explore and understand the preference an individual holds when it comes to relating oneself with either pain, pleasure, or both in a relationship.

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