Sound By Nature
Sound By Nature
Jan 10, 2021
Episode 61: Rain and Sleet Near the Snowline
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This was recorded on a winter day with rain and sleet falling in a densely forested, mountainous area just below the snowline near the Pacific Crest Trail south of Girard Ridge in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest , Shasta County, California. Though a slushy accumulation gathered on the ground and in the trees, the true snowline was about two hundred vertical feet above the spot this recording was made. 

This is an unsettling time to be an American. I recorded this on the day our Capitol building was overrun by pro-Trump, far right-wing, ultra-nationalist protestors. While all of that was happening I was walking past trees which were standing before that building had even been built, before this country had even been conceived. Trees which have endured countless storms and all manner of violent weather. I hope that our country can be like those trees. If our roots are strong and our heartwood has not become too rotten, and if the bark beetles of ignorance haven't burrowed too deep, perhaps we can weather this storm.  

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