CUSC GAIDEN 01 - Gaiden Means Side Story - SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… Actual Play Podcast
Play • 2 hr 37 min

This week, Alex takes a turn as the Bandleader and starts off the first session of CUSC GAIDEN. Our schedules are gonna be in flux for the next couple weeks, so we're gonna see what happens but rest assured, we will be providing you guys with content!  

SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… (abbreviated CUSC) is a tabletop roleplaying game set in outer space where the players create characters called Outlaws: bounty hunters who fly across the galaxy in search of their next payday. You create situations where they land in hot water, manipulate people, and start gunfights, all while dealing with their debt and trauma. Drawing from anime like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Outlaw Star, SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… is a unique system inspired by PbtA, Savage Worlds and West End Games' Ghostbusters & Star Wars.   

Meet the players: Alex Keswick (he/him) as The Bandleader -
Jensen Toperzer (they/them) as Cherry Cola (she/her) -
Onslaught Six (he/him) as Bruno Bonham (he/him) -
Mitch S. (she/her) as Sylvia (she/her) -

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Featuring beats by:
DOMINANT · Kendall Miles · Nymano · bsd.u · DeKobe · Didi Crazy · ldst · Mukashi · mura;kami · quickly, quickly · cormac · Toonami (Kids love it!)

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