Nov 24, 2020
Closing the Loop on China's Mystery Seeds
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What ever happened with those mysterious seeds that were showing up in U.S. mailboxes?

Escape This Podcast
Escape This Podcast
Escape This Podcast
What Alice Found - Chapter 1 - Teambuilding ft. Justin and Travis McElroy
In the first episode of our new connected arc, Justin and Travis McElroy take on the role of an employee forced into a teambuilding escape room with their boss and co-worker. Will they be able to finish the room? Will they break and lose their job? Can they slay a Jabberwocky?   Our guests this episode are Justin and Travis McElroy: Two thirds of My Brother, My Brother and Me; one half of The Adventure Zone; and a whole lot of fun. To find all the projects they are involved in, head to https://www.themcelroy.family/ and make sure to go to http://bit.ly/mcelroypodcastbook to buy their brilliant new book!   Check out our episode of Finish It! : https://finishitpod.com/ Check out the trailer for Someone Dies in This Elevator: https://soundescape.productions/someone-dies-in-this-elevator-trailer/ Check out Mother of Frankenstein: https://motheroffrankenstein.com/    Check out the write-up and images for this Escape Room below to follow along, or play yourself! https://www.consumethismedia.com/what-alice-found-notes/#chapter-1   For everything Escape This Podcast, head to https://www.consumethismedia.com/escape-this-podcast To hang out with us and other fans, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/AH9MZqM  Check out our second podcast, Solve This Murder!Website || iTunes || Twitter || Instagram || Facebook || RSS Follow us on Twitch! We have bonus episodes and playtests up on our Patreon! So if you have the ability to support the show, we would love to see you there. And in return we have blog posts, bonus audio, badges, and more! Plus all our patrons have the chance to appear in our rooms as NPC's, like this room's Brian Widerman, Jonathan Howe, and Ginny! Have questions, comments, puzzles, or anything else? Send us an email, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter
55 min
The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Kitchen Sisters & Radiotopia
158 — A Plea for Peace: Leonard Bernstein, Richard Nixon, and the Music of the 1973 Inauguration
Music and poetry were powerful headliners at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris signaling change and new beginnings. This was not the first time the arts have reflected the mood of the country and a new administration. In January 1973, following the Christmas bombing of Vietnam, conductor Leonard Bernstein gathered an impromptu orchestra to perform an "anti-inaugural concert" protesting Richard Nixon's official inaugural concert and his escalation of the war in Vietnam. One of the main performances of the official inaugural was the 1812 Overture with its booming drums replicating the sound of war cannons. In 1973, the United States was reaching the concluding stages of our involvement in Vietnam. And while the war would soon come to an end, the weeks leading up to the second inauguration of Richard Nixon were met with some of the most intense and deadly bombing campaigns of the war. The anti-war movement was unhinged. They had marched, they protested — to seemingly no avail when it came to changing Nixon’s foreign policies. So what to do next... Leonard Bernstein gathered an impromptu orchestra for an “anti-inaugural concert”— a concert for peace—following his belief that by creating beauty, and by sharing it with as many people as possible, artists had the power to tip the earthly balance in favor of brotherhood and peace. This story was produced by Brandi Howell with special thanks to Michael Chikinda, Alicia Kopfstein, Matt Holsen, and Bernie Swain. Find more of her stories at: theechochamberpodcast.com
35 min
The Fantastic History Of Food
The Fantastic History Of Food
Nick Charlie Key
21 - Crazy True Stories About Ice Cream
From it's origins in ancient China, to the accidental discovery of the first ice cream cone, we take a journey to see how ice cream has influenced cultures all around the world. World War 2 plays a surprising role in the story as some navy men valued it almost more than their own lives and safety. Listen to the episode to find out even more crazy stories from the long and interesting history of ice cream. ------------------- Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/foodhistorypod and get early access to episodes, bonus content and even free merch! Find transcripts and references on the website: www.foodhistorypodcast.com ------------------- Huge thanks to www.roastersmarketplace.com for sponsoring this episode. If you love coffee this is the place for you. Shop by origin, roast level, processing method, and even by flavour notes. www.roastersmarketplace.com is a veteran-owned business, run by a great guy called Chris. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him and his vision for the coffee market and I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough. Get FREE SHIPPING on your first order by using the offer code: "FOODHISTORY" at checkout. ------------------- Huge thanks also go to www.factor75.com for supporting the show. Get meals designed by dietitians and hand-crafted by world-class chefs delivered to your door. Listeners of this show can get $50 off over their first two weeks. Just go to www.factor75.com pick your meals and use code "PODCAST50" at checkout to claim this limited-time offer. -------------------
19 min
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