two & a half gamers session #3 - Is Roblox evil mega corp or money making machine?
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Hello & welcome everyone. This is no BS gaming podcast 2.5 gamers session #3. Let’s dive in.

Panelists: Jakub Remiar, Felix Braberg, Matej Lančarič


  • Steam hosts 55K Games vs Roblox 20 Mil “experiences”
  • 47,3 Mil DAU
  • Half of the users are aged 12 and under
  • Current Market cap 38 Bil $
  • Roblox Cut 75,5%
  • Roblox takes a 30% cut of every transaction on their platform
  • Discoverability
  • Robux
    • Minimum Withdrawal to real life money 100K (1000 $)
      • Second life comparison (10$)
    • Withdrawal only possible with Roblox monthly 5$ subscription
    • On every 1$ revenue of roblox only 17% make it out
    • Historic example of “Company money Scrib”
      • Workers spend their money at the company
      • Workers become afraid to break company rules as company rules over their “money”
      • This dependency increase friction on quitting the system
        • Illegal in US 1938
    • Platform Capitalism - business model based on unsustainable expansion in order to monopolize a platform
  • Experience based payouts
  • Roblox “editor knowledge untransferable
  • “Make serious cash” claim removed from the website after video
  • Roblox moderation - shut down official forums in 2017 because they couldn’t moderate them
  • Roblox Collectible Market
    • Tie ins with Brands
    • Collectibles that are sold for limited time skyrocket in value from 10 to 15K $ dollars
    • Roblox still takes a 30% form all of the transactions
  • Roblox Black market

Rewarded Interstitial ads - 6 months in

  • Around 6 months ago Google and Facebook announced the roll out of Rewarded interstitial ads.
  • An interstitial ad that pops up and users can opt out of and thus forgo the reward
  • Admob are pushing very hard on this format which is still in Beta
  • Facebook were pushing it but not so much anymore
  • Don’t monetize with this format! You’re opening yourself up to unnecessary stress and risk
  • Only FB and Admob support it - thus you’ll get lower prices
  • FB on iOS is pretty much non-existent so you have no competition
  • Calling it now that in 12 months they won’t exist.

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